Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trip to Portland

Drove straight out to Damascus to see Andy at work. It is a little Credit Union branch in a small strip mall right on Hwy 212. Met his co workers and saw his "counter w/ name plate".

Had a couple hours to kill before he got off work so mom and I decided we needed a little something ice cream at Dairy Queen just up and across the road. Well that still left us with about 1 1/2 hours .... drove up hwy 212 to check things out, drove back and decided to wait at the Bi Mart parking lot where there was a traffic signal to get back out on the hwy, traffic was really picking up.

When Andy got off we followed him back to his apartment and he went for help to move the couch up the three flights of stairs to his place. That was interesting... Very narrow hallways and sharp turns. Thought at the last minute they wouldn't even be able to get it in his doorway, much shoving and in it went whew !

Then out to pick up a few thing he needed at Target, a great seafood dinner and back to hit the hay.

Up early and mom and I started hanging his prints and decorations ( he didn't have anything hung on the walls yet) that done to every ones satisfaction we packed a lunch and headed to Washington Park and the Japanese Garden.... That was BEAUTIFUL !

Back down to eat our lunch and tour the Rose Garden.... I am not a huge fan of roses in my yard, but that was Awesome.

Andy lives in the NE section of Portland on Glison, so a nice drive back over to his place. He was going to the "Roller Derby" with his friend Pauline so we followed him over to her "Boat House" on the river, very cool.....

Time to head back home so hopped on to I-5 and away we went. We were home by 8:30 last night. Very nice trip. I always like to see where Andy lives so I can picture him there. The building is an old 60's style and it is just a Studio but a HUGE picture window makes it feel very open and he looks SE. The neighborhood looked safe ( he is right across from Providence Hospital) and he certainly looks to be right at home in Portland...... So my job is done.... My boy is good.....

P.S. on a serious note, a neighbor of ours called Steve to warn him a "COUGAR" was spotted following 3 deer out of the creek bed beside our house !!!! Have to keep a very close eye on our Minnie Winnie!!!!! And it was in broad daylight !!!!!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Yikes and Yikes again!! Keep Minnie Winnie close, she is not to be Cougar food! Bad Kitty

Saw all the photos and yes the rose garden is a thing of beauty, plus I love the Japanese gardens.

Sounds like Andy is doing well, we Mom's like it when the kiddos are all settled in :)

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