Friday, June 15, 2007


OK, so letting Winnie sleep in the doggie crate does seem to be working..... I do miss her warm puppy breath on my neck, but I am getting more sleep. She is ready for bed about 9:00pm so I put her in the crate downstairs in the hall by the laundry room. She has been sleeping longer. First night started barking at 1:30 am, so mommy came down to let her out, then she came upstairs with me and slept til 4:30.Now after four nights she slept in the crate until 4:30, then after going outside came in and didn't really want to go back to sleep, wanted to play. I tried to get her to go back to sleep with me but she just wanted to bite, that is her new game. Robin calls her "the land shark". I had planned on sleeping in since I have the day off, but Winnie had other ideas.

Of course now that I have to start getting ready for my day she is sleeping on the couch next to me.

Well lots to do today, a lunch meeting with Doc, Debbie , Ashlee and I . We are meeting with our AFS Rep.

Want to get some scrapbooking done this weekend, also making a gift for Nadia & Chris for their wedding, a canvas portrait with a picture I took of them.

Can't believe it is mid June already?? Also Fathers Day on Sunday. "Miss you Dad" can't really be 5 years since he has been gone.........

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

HA Ha, Land Shark, now that is a good one :)

Sounds like you have a full weekend, but I didn't see a trip to Valley View on your list! Come on you know you want a hot dog for lunch!! :)

Busy weekend here too, Did Amber's birthday last night. You know what today and tomorrow will be like and Father's Day dinner Sunday night. I plan on sleeping in on Monday!! lol Oh ya and guess what. Someone won't let Justin have his daughter on Father's day. Can you even believe that!!

Looks to me like Minnie Winnie has already grown since her last photo.

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