Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well how is that for a statement?

Unfortunatly in this life there are no "Do Overs"....

You hope that the decisions that you make are the right ones and if they are not, get over it and move on......

Ironic of me to say this , but with age comes WISDOM you hope.

I have held on to things that didn't go right and learned that you might as well let it go and move on , or you may miss out on something else Life throws your way....

WOW, this is DEEP for so early in the morning......

Anyway, have a good day and make the most of it..

Tomarrow is another day.......

Friday, June 29, 2007

"the ball game"

Winnie has a favorite game, tossing a tennis ball up the stairs...

She doesn't toss it, one of us do, she chases it!

she is having some discipline problems, guess we need to get out the puppy training cd. She is a land shark, a piranha..... biting us.... and I swear she is "Smiling" while she is doing it. mostly biting our hands and arms, quick tiny fast bites. we have been trying to get something else that she is allowed to chew, one of her toys or a tennis ball to substitute for us.
She also likes the chasing game with Robin, taking turns chasing each other around the back yard, but then she turns on him and starts biting his legs and feet......all the while , SMILING !!

Hope we can teach her not to bite............

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

" Happy Birthday Andy "

Andy is TWENTY SEVEN !!!!

Now wait just a darn minute........

How can that be ???? I am not old enough to have a "child/man" 27 years old ????

Didn't I just turn 29 ???

Well maybe 39 ????

Oh yeah, it was 49 !!!!!!

Andy was my wild child, and actually very much like me. Not that I was wild but creative. Andy is the writer, Thespian, adventure seeker......Imaginative when he was little and an only child he had imaginary "PUPPIES" poor kid I couldn't have pets where we lived, so he just made some up. He was the "Beautiful" baby that people stopped me to comment on, brown eyed, blond haired...... Had one man in the grocery store say he looked European ??? I took that as a compliment.

Love this guy.......

Have a wonderful Birthday,

Love, Mom

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trip to Portland

Drove straight out to Damascus to see Andy at work. It is a little Credit Union branch in a small strip mall right on Hwy 212. Met his co workers and saw his "counter w/ name plate".

Had a couple hours to kill before he got off work so mom and I decided we needed a little something ice cream at Dairy Queen just up and across the road. Well that still left us with about 1 1/2 hours .... drove up hwy 212 to check things out, drove back and decided to wait at the Bi Mart parking lot where there was a traffic signal to get back out on the hwy, traffic was really picking up.

When Andy got off we followed him back to his apartment and he went for help to move the couch up the three flights of stairs to his place. That was interesting... Very narrow hallways and sharp turns. Thought at the last minute they wouldn't even be able to get it in his doorway, much shoving and in it went whew !

Then out to pick up a few thing he needed at Target, a great seafood dinner and back to hit the hay.

Up early and mom and I started hanging his prints and decorations ( he didn't have anything hung on the walls yet) that done to every ones satisfaction we packed a lunch and headed to Washington Park and the Japanese Garden.... That was BEAUTIFUL !

Back down to eat our lunch and tour the Rose Garden.... I am not a huge fan of roses in my yard, but that was Awesome.

Andy lives in the NE section of Portland on Glison, so a nice drive back over to his place. He was going to the "Roller Derby" with his friend Pauline so we followed him over to her "Boat House" on the river, very cool.....

Time to head back home so hopped on to I-5 and away we went. We were home by 8:30 last night. Very nice trip. I always like to see where Andy lives so I can picture him there. The building is an old 60's style and it is just a Studio but a HUGE picture window makes it feel very open and he looks SE. The neighborhood looked safe ( he is right across from Providence Hospital) and he certainly looks to be right at home in Portland...... So my job is done.... My boy is good.....

P.S. on a serious note, a neighbor of ours called Steve to warn him a "COUGAR" was spotted following 3 deer out of the creek bed beside our house !!!! Have to keep a very close eye on our Minnie Winnie!!!!! And it was in broad daylight !!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Saturday Morning "MUG~SHOT"

Well hope this finds you all enjoying your Saturday Morning "Cup O Joe"........

WAIT !!!! It's not SATURDAY !!!! ????

That's right, just relax , it is Friday. But I am going to be in Portland at Andy's tomarrow and didn't want to disapoint my faithful readers awaiting my next "MUG~SHOT"
( Carma & Brooke ) So here it is.

Yes, that is a CURVES mug, I got with my Curves Bucks. Sometimes they have games and you can win these to use for purchasing cool Curves products. YES I do go and work out, just not as much as I should be going............

So like I said, going to Portland today with mom. We are taking the pickup with a couch, coffee table, bike, and assorted STUFF to Andy for his studio apartment. haven't seen it yet, also going to drive out to Damascus to see him at work at the Credit Union. Hes is going to show us his favorite places this weekend. Then back home on Sunday.

SO........ Just read this again tomarrow morning and pretend you never saw it before....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Winnie's new collar

OK, settle down, don't rush off to call the guys in the white coats just yet.....

It's just a "NEW" pink & brown {Paisley} collar I picked up at Walmart this weekend. ( Yes I did pick up a "Little Dress" off clearance, but I swear that was as a joke) besides it didn't fit !!!

So every GIRL need a little fashion statement, at least I didn't get the collar with the rinestones on it, I mean really? GAG !!!

But doesn't it look nice with her coloring.........

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Happy Father's Day, Dad"

Roger Lee Davis * aka * My Dad

{1/12/1936 - 2/14/2002}

It's hard to celebrate Father's Day when your dad is not around anymore.
But I have wonderful Memories of him. He wasn't quite sure what to do with a couple of little girls... so he just did what he enjoyed doing....
he took us for rides on his various motorcycles with him, we went fishing, anywhere and everywhere. He loved the act of fishing, didn't have to catch anything, was happy just standing with a line in a body of water and a thermos of coffee.

On my 10th birthday dad was working out of town, so he bought me a gift... two beautiful carved wooden hair clips and a fishing pole.

He was a hard worker, doing construction, which caused us to move quite a bit in our early years. I didn't adjust to these moves very well and so when I was in 5th grade we landed in Ukiah CA. We stayed there until I graduated from High School. Well lets say Mona and I were there. Dad had found Fish Lake here in Southern Oregon and managed to get him and mom jobs there. It was a {DREAM} job. So on April 12th 1976, the day after my 18th birthday and two months before I graduated from High School, off they headed to Oregon and the land of FISHING ! Mom wasn't to sure about leaving me , but with good friends watching over me, I said I would be OK.

Well as you know I followed them up to Oregon 1 1/2 years later. Mona stayed in the Northern California area , settling in Rohnert Park.

Over the next 20 some years Mona and I married and had our BOYS. Dad was thrilled. Someone else to share his love of the outdoors with. Andy being the first grandchild and also living so close to mom and dad, had a special bond with "Papa"

At 62 dad could retire and spend his days looking for that {perfect} fishing hole. So mom and dad hit the road in their 5th wheel. What they found was "Camp Hosting" for Fish and Wildlife. Dad poured over the different locations , sending the applications, so many to choose from and what turned out to be so little time.....

In October 2001, just a month after his Mother passed away, Dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and little they could do for him.

No daughter should have to watch her dad go thru something like that......

Dad, you would be so proud of the "BOYS", just wish Robin could have had you in his life a little longer...

MISS YOU DAD, have a good time Fishing today.......................

Love, Laura

Saturday, June 16, 2007

"This one's for you, Alison"

My sister's good friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her early 40's less than 2 years ago. Today she is participating in a Cancer relay in the Bay Area. In HONOR of her I am having my morning coffee in my "Breast Cancer" mug.

You go Girl !!

Hey I may be on to something here.......

I have quite a collection of "mugs" so I should feature a different one every Saturday ????? Hold on to your hats you faithful readers of my BLOG (BROOKE).

Speaking of Brooke, big anniversary sale at Valley View Nursery, and a "HOT DOG" lunch, thats where you'll find me around noon. Hope to see you there......

Friday, June 15, 2007


OK, so letting Winnie sleep in the doggie crate does seem to be working..... I do miss her warm puppy breath on my neck, but I am getting more sleep. She is ready for bed about 9:00pm so I put her in the crate downstairs in the hall by the laundry room. She has been sleeping longer. First night started barking at 1:30 am, so mommy came down to let her out, then she came upstairs with me and slept til 4:30.Now after four nights she slept in the crate until 4:30, then after going outside came in and didn't really want to go back to sleep, wanted to play. I tried to get her to go back to sleep with me but she just wanted to bite, that is her new game. Robin calls her "the land shark". I had planned on sleeping in since I have the day off, but Winnie had other ideas.

Of course now that I have to start getting ready for my day she is sleeping on the couch next to me.

Well lots to do today, a lunch meeting with Doc, Debbie , Ashlee and I . We are meeting with our AFS Rep.

Want to get some scrapbooking done this weekend, also making a gift for Nadia & Chris for their wedding, a canvas portrait with a picture I took of them.

Can't believe it is mid June already?? Also Fathers Day on Sunday. "Miss you Dad" can't really be 5 years since he has been gone.........

Monday, June 11, 2007

Actual conversation Robin had....

They sent a copy of the conversation Robin had with the support member, I just copied and pasted it to my blog.

Last night Miss Winnie was banned from my bed when she circled around (I thought) to make a nice comfortable sleeping spot, only to start to piddle. I grabbed her up so fast she didn't know what was happening and wisked her outside. Then to bed in the dog carrier in the laundry room. Robin felt sorry for her and took her to bed with him, until 4:00am. I got her out of the carrier at 5:00am and outside. When I left for work she was outside in her pen/dog house peacefully lying down. Where she was to spend the day until Robin got home from school at 4:00pm

Shortly after Rob got home to the "wild dog" in the pen , so excited that he was home,
a nice police lady officer came to the door to inform us that a complaint had been called in about her "BARKING" all day ??!!!! Robin explained we have a new puppy and after a half day tomarrow of school he will be home with her all summer....

So what have we gotten ourselves into???? I think we better take up that free Puppy Training Class... She is turning into a "TERRIBLE TODDLER !!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Picked this mug(a birthday gift from Diana, thanks Diana)for my morning cup of coffee. For those of you who have been to our house, you know about the "WALL Of MUGS" which we hardly ever use, because we also have a cubbard full of regular used mugs so the ones on the wall tend to get , lets say...a little dusty???
Well being that this is a new one it was not dusty and I had never had my coffee out of it. I must say it is quite cheerful.

As you can also see, Winnie has become quite the "Mama's girl" she lays by me while I am on the computer, that is my pink flowered pj leg her head is on.....
I also have a confession to make, I have been letting her sleep in bed with me and she always somehow ends up above my head on the pillow......Thank God I am 49 and can't have a baby, YIKES, should I seek counciling???? If you ever see me dressing Winnie up call in the guys in the white coats !! I do just adore her though. Maybe because she is a girl, I have always been out numbered with the guys in this house.

Getting a new fridge today, nothing fancy just a little bit bigger. The "garage" fridge gave it up last week, you know the one that holds all the soda's, beer, extra milk.... Well Steve wanted to buy a new one to put in the garage??? I said the one in the house is 11 years old so lets put it out there and get the new one for in the house, DUH (MEN) he never thought of that !!

And here is another {BIG} announcement,today is the day I start to get in better shape(again) remember how I said I would loose 1 pound a week until my 50th birthday,
well seems that I have gained a few... Damn that "Muffin Man" who stops by our office every Thursday, and he doesn't just have "MUFFINS" either. I have taken a liking to this 5" square of heavenly chocolate, cheezecake, raspberry , non diet goodness. And Doc always buys so I don't want to hurt anyones feelings by saying "No Thanks, none for me today" Then it wasn't 5 minutes and in walks a girl from one of the Ortho offices with Cookies and ice cold milk wrapped up real pretty , just as a thank you for refering them patients ..... I didn't eat a cookie, well actually since all of us got something from the muffin man, they went into the fridge and will be there waiting for us on monday morning, damn, damn ...... to be continued.....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

This Laugh's on me...... ENJOY !

Came across this card at Fred Meyers durring lunch yesterday

Was looking for a totally different kind of card, but couldn't resist,

in fact bought "TWO" of them so someone will be getting it in the mail.......

I hardly ever buy a store card, but it was totally worth the trip, will have to get out there and "LOOK" more often.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Nadia & Chris's Wedding

Mom and I attended Nadia & Chris's beautiful outdoor Wedding in Ashland this evening.
Andy was one of the "attendents"? He and nadia have been really good friends for several years and a year ago the three of them were roomates up in Forest Grove, while Andy worked on the boat and Chris and Nadia attended school.

It was a beautiful setting in the trees and Chris's parents provided the music, a lovely touch.

It was getting late so we had to leave before the cake made an appearence, but Nadia decorated it with hand made pears.

My wishes for them ..."May they live happily ever after".....

Friday, June 1, 2007

Girls day out at Emigrant Lake

After a morning OSHA meeting at the office, Lindsay took, Ashlee, Lori and I and her mom in law, Sheri out in the boat. Had the lake to ourselves, man that boat can go fast. Lori, Ashlee and Sheri got in, I took pics and Lindsay drove the boat, had a great time.

Tomorrow Robin is having some friends over for barbecue and cake for late birthday party

Sunday Andy is in Nadia & Chris's wedding up in Ashland. Mom and I are going. have to take my own pictures....

Puppy aka Winnie is doing great, settling right in around here fiesty little bugger

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