Friday, June 29, 2007

"the ball game"

Winnie has a favorite game, tossing a tennis ball up the stairs...

She doesn't toss it, one of us do, she chases it!

she is having some discipline problems, guess we need to get out the puppy training cd. She is a land shark, a piranha..... biting us.... and I swear she is "Smiling" while she is doing it. mostly biting our hands and arms, quick tiny fast bites. we have been trying to get something else that she is allowed to chew, one of her toys or a tennis ball to substitute for us.
She also likes the chasing game with Robin, taking turns chasing each other around the back yard, but then she turns on him and starts biting his legs and feet......all the while , SMILING !!

Hope we can teach her not to bite............


Anonymous said...

Shes getting so big!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

YIKES puppy teeth are so stinking sharp too! I will come visit her after she gets past the piranah stage! lol

She is just soooo cute!

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