Saturday, June 16, 2007

"This one's for you, Alison"

My sister's good friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her early 40's less than 2 years ago. Today she is participating in a Cancer relay in the Bay Area. In HONOR of her I am having my morning coffee in my "Breast Cancer" mug.

You go Girl !!

Hey I may be on to something here.......

I have quite a collection of "mugs" so I should feature a different one every Saturday ????? Hold on to your hats you faithful readers of my BLOG (BROOKE).

Speaking of Brooke, big anniversary sale at Valley View Nursery, and a "HOT DOG" lunch, thats where you'll find me around noon. Hope to see you there......


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ha ha, you are to funny! Yes I wait in total antisapation(Did I spell that right) of what Coffee Cup you will use next saturdy :)

Thanks for coming by to see us today, sorry we were a bit rushed. We slowed down at about 1:30 which is good since we only serve until 2!!

Carma said...

Can not wait to see next weeks "MUG_SHOT".

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