Saturday, June 9, 2007


Picked this mug(a birthday gift from Diana, thanks Diana)for my morning cup of coffee. For those of you who have been to our house, you know about the "WALL Of MUGS" which we hardly ever use, because we also have a cubbard full of regular used mugs so the ones on the wall tend to get , lets say...a little dusty???
Well being that this is a new one it was not dusty and I had never had my coffee out of it. I must say it is quite cheerful.

As you can also see, Winnie has become quite the "Mama's girl" she lays by me while I am on the computer, that is my pink flowered pj leg her head is on.....
I also have a confession to make, I have been letting her sleep in bed with me and she always somehow ends up above my head on the pillow......Thank God I am 49 and can't have a baby, YIKES, should I seek counciling???? If you ever see me dressing Winnie up call in the guys in the white coats !! I do just adore her though. Maybe because she is a girl, I have always been out numbered with the guys in this house.

Getting a new fridge today, nothing fancy just a little bit bigger. The "garage" fridge gave it up last week, you know the one that holds all the soda's, beer, extra milk.... Well Steve wanted to buy a new one to put in the garage??? I said the one in the house is 11 years old so lets put it out there and get the new one for in the house, DUH (MEN) he never thought of that !!

And here is another {BIG} announcement,today is the day I start to get in better shape(again) remember how I said I would loose 1 pound a week until my 50th birthday,
well seems that I have gained a few... Damn that "Muffin Man" who stops by our office every Thursday, and he doesn't just have "MUFFINS" either. I have taken a liking to this 5" square of heavenly chocolate, cheezecake, raspberry , non diet goodness. And Doc always buys so I don't want to hurt anyones feelings by saying "No Thanks, none for me today" Then it wasn't 5 minutes and in walks a girl from one of the Ortho offices with Cookies and ice cold milk wrapped up real pretty , just as a thank you for refering them patients ..... I didn't eat a cookie, well actually since all of us got something from the muffin man, they went into the fridge and will be there waiting for us on monday morning, damn, damn ...... to be continued.....

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

You figure out how to do it and I will be right there with ya girly!! :)

I promise to call in the white coats if I evah see you dress up little Minnie Winnie, sorry but that will be her name in my brain forevah since you confused me by changing! lol

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