Tuesday, June 26, 2007

" Happy Birthday Andy "

Andy is TWENTY SEVEN !!!!

Now wait just a darn minute........

How can that be ???? I am not old enough to have a "child/man" 27 years old ????

Didn't I just turn 29 ???

Well maybe 39 ????

Oh yeah, it was 49 !!!!!!

Andy was my wild child, and actually very much like me. Not that I was wild but creative. Andy is the writer, Thespian, adventure seeker......Imaginative when he was little and an only child he had imaginary "PUPPIES" poor kid I couldn't have pets where we lived, so he just made some up. He was the "Beautiful" baby that people stopped me to comment on, brown eyed, blond haired...... Had one man in the grocery store say he looked European ??? I took that as a compliment.

Love this guy.......

Have a wonderful Birthday,

Love, Mom

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Happy Birthday Andy! I said the same thing to Amber who just turned 28, one more year and we will be the same age! lol

You are going to have to update your bio now and add a year to Andy

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