Monday, July 30, 2007

"FREE U Pick Plums"

Yummy Santa Rosa Plums !

Please come and help yourself to some. As you can see the branches are overloaded. We can't possibly do something with all of them.

This happens every year. We try to shake off enough in the early stages so that when they are ripe it is a reasonable amount....

But Noooooooooo

Now all the neighborhood deer want in on them too !!

I would rather give them away to you.

So help a girl out....... Come on by......

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"The Sync"

I bought a new phone yesterday.

I actually bought THREE phones yesterday.

Steve's phone was broken, my mom had a Trac phone that wasn't working well and Robin had an old phone.

So after talking to mom decided to add one more phone to our plan and now she thinks she will get rid of her home phone and learn to just use the cell phone. Robin got my "newer" old phone. Mom got a new phone and so did Steve.

This pretty little RED phone is mine. You can't buy just a PHONE anymore. They all have a camera, mine can have music downloaded so I can listen to music and I can access my e-mail??!! and the internet?!! Whats up with that??

There are even fun frames and such to add to your photo's. I turned Robin into a "Pirate" Arrrrgg !!

Oh and in case you were wondering.........
Mona found the note I hid at Northspur for her. Said the scavenger hunt idea was good just wish we had thought of it sooner so could have done more.

Have a couple new pics of Winnie to share..

Now why can't I make the photo's go where I want them too???
Wanted to post them where I was talking about it???

Saturday, July 28, 2007


This one's for you Robin (Landers) ~TEXAS~ The Lone Star State!!!
She is at her 20 year High School Reunion this weekend. Cuero,TX Class of 1987. Wish I had a copy of her Senior Picture to put with it.

I met Robin in 1995, when I went to work for the Endo office. My Robin was 4 years old and I wanted to get back to working part time. There had been an add in the paper for a dental assistant 2 days a week, perfect I thought. This was in Feb/Mar. I sent off my resume and then never heard a word from them, Oh well....
On 4th of July weekend I got a call from Dr Del Rosso that they had just gotten my resume from the newspaper office, it had been found behind a filing cabinet. Could I come in for an interview, well yes.
Had an interview with him and the new guy Dr Calhoun, got the job and started working Tuesdays and Thursdays. Robin was the new receptionist, came from the Air Force,had worked with Dr C and was getting out(of her tour of duty) so he offered her a job in Oregon.
Had a great group to work with. Diane and Jan had been with Dr D for quite some time, we all fit together quite nicely.
Robin being new to town, didn't know a lot of people and we became fast friends. I seem to have a few friends that are 10 years younger than me...... maybe I was born 10 years to soon??

Well back to TEXAS and her Reunion, she went by herself leaving the kiddo's home with dad. Mostly because she just spent a week there on vacation with her sisters and all the kids about a month ago.
After a flight delay in Medford no less, yesterday morning she arrived in time to go to a"Pre Reunion Party" by invitation only. You know the one that all the popular kids throw a day before so that when you get to the actual Reunion you already feel left out. Oh wait that was me !!!!

Anyway hope she has a great time, She looks great and I can't wait to see all the pictures of the rest of the "Fat, Bald, etc".......

Friday, July 27, 2007


Last night took a walk down the road to get a better picture of the sunset, well my faithful pooch came with me. She actually gets her leash and drags it around the house, (HINT HINT) like "Walk Me"....

So down the road we went at full speed, she is really on a mission when she goes walking. You can't really tell by the pictures but she is getting "LONG" long legs, long body, long tail..... you get the picture. Getting better about the biting, well still does it but will stop when you tell her NO enough.

Have to go to work a half day today, we had to reschedule his Tuesday because of a mistake about when he got back fron Hawaii ( not until Tuesday NIGHT !) But having a massage at 4:00 today.

Also bummed because the Karen Russell class for Saturday I was taking got postponed. Oh well a little R&R on Saturday !

Watch for the "MUG~SHOT" in the morning..........

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Random Answers to Brooke's Tag....

Fact #1 Laura Ann Davis(always wanted Ann with and "E" on the end)
Born in Eureka, California on April 11, 1958. Youngest daughter of Roger & Phyllis Davis, older Sister Mona Lynn, November 26, 1956.

Fact # 2 We moved every year of grade school until 5th grade( Dad worked in construction)Where we landed in Ukiah California until a year after I graduated from high school, 1977 moved by myself to Central Point , OR.

Fact #3 Because we moved a lot I was VERY SHY !!!! Oh yes I was !!! Would cry the first couple of weeks at a new school, even hid from the bus so I wouldn't have to go to school.

Fact #4 By 7th -8th grade ( Pomolita Junior High) I was becoming more out going, joined 4-H and ran for Student Body Vice President and won !!( My senior year I was nominated for basketball homecoming Queen for the whole Senior Class of 300, but didn't win

Fact #5 Was just an average student because I didn't apply myself, always wondered what I could have accomplished had I tried. Had a school councilor who suggested I look into a trade because I wasn't college material and believed her, hence a Dental Assistant trainee my senior year of high school. Although the dental field has been Very Good to Me !!

Fact #6 Got married to Mike Ashby ( Andy's dad) because I felt guilty because we lived together, and our parents thought it was "WRONG !!!" Kept hoping someone at the wedding would speak up and stop me !!! Was only 21 years old, but thought I would be an old maid if I didn't hurry up and get married. Andy came along a year later and we divorced after less than 5 years of marriage.

Fact #7 Have done so many crafts over the years, couldn't even tell ya.... Sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, quilting, Arts & crafts stuff, Photography, papercrafting, etc.......... and so on and so on

Fact #8 Can't believe it is possible to "LOVE" your children so much , sometime it hurts, even when they are 27 & 16 !!

Fact #9 Got married for a second time at 31 after meeting Steve on a blind date 6 months to the day earlier. Robin came along about 2 years later.

Fact #10 mini facts, Diet Coke w/ lime ( not pepsi) Chocolate Malt Shake, Chocolate candy( not fruit flavors)Never had prescription eye glasses yet( BUT SOON !!) Had braces twice, once at 19( after going to work for a dentist) for 2 years and again (to "UNDO what the first orthodontist did)at 40 for 6 yes "SIX" years. And I still wear my retainers at night. And up until I was 37 never weighted over 140 pounds except while pregnant and each time I gained 50 pounds !!! In fact until I was 33 and got pregnant with Robin I weighted between 125 and 130 !!! AND THOUGHT I WAS FAT !!!!
Now I know better !!!!!

Well how is that, did you learn anything about me you didn't know???

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ok, Day two " The Skunk Train"

"All Aboard!"

The train ride was really great and the Historian who has lived in the area for 50 years was so informative.

Check it out

Also look for info online about logging the redwoods in the Pudding Creek area. That is the valley from Fort Bragg to Willits that the train was put in to do logging from. The whole valley has been clear cut twice in 120 years and has grown back , redwoods are some of the fastest growing trees around. Also my sister's husband Dave,s family are one of only 43 families who have cabins in the valley, theirs is at Northspur. The land is leased at 100 years at a time, most all have only been handed down thru families. You may not sell a cabin if no one wants it, it is returned to the railroad at no profit.

Did something fun, Mona and Dave were heading up to the cabin on Sunday so she suggested I leave her a note somewhere at the Northspur train station. I did and then took pictures as clues to send her, she will have to find the note based on the photo's.

Well on a different note, Brooke "tagged" me on her blog. I have to state 8 facts that no one knows about me?? What in the world could anyone who has ever talked to me "NOT" know? I do tend to babble so pretty much in the first 5 minutes you should know EVERYTHING about me. I am going to have to think about this one and will get back to you......

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oops, no mug shot !

How about me drinking a Orange Cream Soda off the California Coast ?
We had a really nice mini vacation,just got back at 3:30 today. Really if you get the chance go to Fort Bragg in Northern California and take the "Skunk Train" Ride" !!!! Very informitive and a beautiful 4.5 hour trip with all you can eat bar b que. The coast also was warm and not windy like our favorite Oregon coast place Bandon.

We left medford Wednesday morning about 9:00am. "Gram" came over to stay with Winnie at our house ( oh and she felt like while she was here she would clean !! poor me everything is just "SPARKLING")
Headed over to Crescent City down to Eureka and cut off at Willits to go to the coast. Got over about 5:00pm checked into hotel "Pine Beach Inn" checked out the place,walking path to a secluded beach and a trail thru the woods to a headland where you could see up and down the coast. Hit the hay pretty early. Thursday morning got up and ate breakfast at perko's then took a drive up north to this wonderful state park, MacKerricher. Had board walk paths around the headlands(kept forgetting my binocculars in the car but had my camera)walked all around and to a beach then there was this beautiful lake we ended up walking all around it about 2 miles !! Went back to the room to clean up and head into town before we left on the train dinner trip. Walked all over town then "ALL ABOARD"
stay tuned.........

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This seams fitting for what I am writing about today.......

Mom and I attended Mert's funeral yesterday, a simple graveside ceremony at LogTown Cemetery and a simple pine casket. Followed by a full church service at Applegate Community Church. Wonderful stories about Mert and Norma's life. One thing that stands out was Mert's smile. He had a love for life, his family, friends and God.
At 84 he was not afraid to die and welcomed the chance to go be with the lord.

In stark contrast I read Karen Russell blog and they also attended a funeral, only it was for Josh's young cousin Juan who was killed while serving in the military for his country. He was only 20 and had not even begun to live his life.........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My first "DIGI" layout pages


Ok so I had a "little" help form the computer whiz kid ROBIN.

Alright !!! So he HELPED me a lot !!! Are you happy now ROBIN?

I downloaded another free 30 day Photoshop trial and once I got Robin to help me figure out EVERYTHING I was on my way to this beautiful page.

I know I am suppose to give credits to the designers, but I have downloaded so much stuff, not sure where the lovely background paper came from, black swirl overlay frame from Shandy Vogt. Love her stuff, thanks Brooke for turning me on to her website. Also on Garden girls Sande Krieger, Mary Mary Quite Contrary

OK the day is flying by and I have digi pages to make, gotta go now...

One more, but man is it frustrating since I don't know how to operate Photoshop.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Going on a mini vacation to Fort Bragg/ Mendicino, CA on Wed-Sat.
Gram is going to stay at our house with Minnie Winnie.
Guess I don't need to pick up a mug, since I have one and actually found one hanging up from Mendicino too.

Doc and his wife Dena left for vacation today so no doctor in the office until Tuesday 24th. I am working Monday & Tuesday, Debbie is in on Wednesday & Thursday and all us girls are back in on Monday the 23.

My friend Vivien called to let me know she was headed out of town early last week as her daughter Cassie went into labor early with the twins. They live in Santa Rosa and she was taken to Childrens Hospital in SF. The babies were not due until Sept. Hope all is well and my prayers are with all of you.

Heading down to No Bare Pages tonight for a crop, haven't scrapbooked in a long time. Audrey, Lisa and Robin will be there too.

Monday Mom & I will be going to Mert's funeral, Was out to the house on Thursday and all the family was there. Norma's 4 great grandkids are helping everyone to cope with the loss. Nothing like a 7,2-4 year olds and a 2 year old to keep you mind off the sadness. They are darling kids.

Well thats it for todays mug shot, hope you all have a great day.

PS Dang, I am eating "Honey Maid Bees" graham cracker treats, They are so good and sure hit the spot with a cup o' joe ! Gotta try them.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

" 3 AM July 12, 2007"

Mert passed away. His son Darrell came in from driving down from Tacoma, WA and Stephanie had fallen into an exausted sleep in the chair beside the hospital bed. He was already gone. And apparently very peacefully at that.

The family is here in town and the four great grandchildren are a delight to see, so Norma is in good spirits for the moment. I picked up mom and we went over after I got off work today and spent a couple hours there.

Mert made friends where ever he went , I'm sure most of Jacksonville knew who he was from his walks to Gary West once a week for a "good old fashioned hot dog"

He was a Good Man. I will miss him too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A sad day......

I have these very dear friends, Mert & Norma Snow. They are 83 and 84. I have known them since March 1980. I was 6 months pregnant with Andy and my first husband was recovering from ostomy surgery that he had in December. We needed a place to live out in the Applegate as Mike was getting ready to return to work at the Forest Service. Well we got their name from a Realtor who told us they had a house for rent on 12 acres by the river. Well it turned into the most wonderful friendship. We lived next door to them in the cutest little red house. And while Mike worked long hours as a fire fighter, I was not alone with my new baby boy because Mert and Norma were their keeping an eye on me.
Fast forward ... we have stayed in touch all these years and Mert helped me find mom's mobile home in their park when my dad was dying of cancer ( he only live there 14 days)
I try to call and check on them every couple of weeks and I knew they had taken a trip south of Reno to visit their daughter about a month ago. Well I called Monday evening to see how the were ( Norma has had quite a few medical problems lately) but Mert faithfully went to "Work out and swim" at Waterford. Norma informed me that they brought Mert home from the hospital that day and that her daughter and daughter in law were there taking care of them. I asked what was wrong with Mert and Norma told me he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Well all of this has happened in less than a month. Norma has some memory problems and didn't have many details so I asked her to have her daughter Stephanie call me. ( I always try to go to the hospital when ever Mert and Norma have had various surgeries (back, hip,bypass...) So Steph and I are well aquainted.
When I didn't hear from her that night I called Tuesday morning and talked to her , what she told me knocked the wind out of me ! Mert has less than 2 weeks to live !! I raced out there after work yesterday only to find Steph & Barbara exhausted and trying to change the bed under Mert's 6'2" 225 frame. He is unable to even help move himself and was in a hospital bed in the living room. I stayed for 3 hours and did everything I could to help . Norma didn't seem to grasp how bad he was and asked if I thought he was getting better...... Mert when he did talk still was sharp as a tack, rattling off names and phone numbers when needed , medications , what they were for when to take them . But he got progressively worse while I was there. I had to leave at 9:00 to come home and get ready for work today. Mom went early this morning to see if she could relieve them to get some sleep, but no. They are waiting for Stephs brother Darrell ( Barbs husband) and her husband Rob and son to arrive by tomorrow morning.
I was headed out there after work tonight and must have been in the middle of the worst lighting storm... Dodging broken tree branches, couldn't see from the rain... decided to just get myself HOME.
I had talked to Stephanie around 5:00pm and he was declining rapidly, unresponsive and not eating or drinking today

I know he is OK with what is happening, he and Norma are Christians and know where they will be going when they die. He at 84 lived a great life and was a WONDERFUL man, I love him dearly and was not prepared for this so soon....... I don't think I will be seeing him again in this life. And it still makes me feel sad to loose him.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now that is "CUTE"

What does your dog look like from their level??

This ! What a funny puppy you are Winnie. And really , her feet are not that big !!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 07-07-07 !!!!

I feel "LUCKY" !!

Ok, these are not my coffee mugs (because I haven't recieved my replacement cord for downloading pictures from my camera yet)But I knew you would be looking so I found these on a search and thought they were cute. I am actually drinking my coffee out a cup that was from a set of dishes that Andy got me for Christmas one year while working on The Empress of the North. It is washed yellows with fruit, apple pear and plums.

I am going to buy 7 lottery tickets today !! Just because, a couple mega bucks and a couple powerballs.....

Well I think I'll take a walk out side to see if I can see any of the hot air balloons...

Knew I heard something unusual, there was a balloon right out front above the field across the street. Took some pictures then walked Winnie down the street aways and watched some more.

Hmmmmmm Now that is an interesting comment, how do I delete it???

Friday, July 6, 2007

Carson throwing rocks

What is it about boys throwing rocks in water???

My boys did it, my dad did it.......

Carson was having a ball, could have stayed there all day just as long as there were rocks to throw.... So cute !

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Happy 4th of July"

Here are some pictures from Sunday when I drove up to Howard Prairie with Robin and Carson to see Cory & Jordan. Cory had called Robin to tell her Jordan caught her first fish, and Robin was missing her girl, so we get out of the car expecting Jordan to come running and leap into her mama's arms.......
She took one look at us and burst into tears and said

" I didn't want you to come, it's just me and daddy camping !"
OH.....Robin got over it because it just meant that Jordan was having such a good time, all the family was up there too, so we just stayed about an hour and Jordan asked several times "isn't it time for mommy and Laura to leave?"

It was really beautiful up there.

Today we made our annual trip to Central Point for the 4th of July parade, it is always fun to observe the "COLORFUL" folks....
I enjoy watching the crowd more than the parade.
came home ate hot dogs from the grill. To stinkin' hot out so I retreated in to read and NAP !

Today I am thankful to live in AMERICA !!
God Bless.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Short Week"

It is the "4th of July" already tomarrow !

So working Monday, Tuesday and half a day Thursday !!!

No big plans for the "Fourth", going to Central Point to watch the parade then home to relax. Mid week is not a good time for our annual big bar b que.

Waiting for my new camera cord ( this is the one that hooks up my camera to the computer) YES my DOG Chewed the CORD !!!!
So not able to down load any new pictures......

Sunday I rode up to Howard Prarie with (My friend) Robin and Carson to go visit her husband Cory and daughter Jordan who are up there camping with family. Robin was working so she and Carson stayed home. Took some great photo's, will have to wait for the new cord.

I forgot how beautiful it was, came home and informed the family we need a boat !! I want some kind of little sailing vessel.

Well since I have no new pic's here are some more from Portland.
Enjoy and have a safe "4th of July"

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