Sunday, July 29, 2007

"The Sync"

I bought a new phone yesterday.

I actually bought THREE phones yesterday.

Steve's phone was broken, my mom had a Trac phone that wasn't working well and Robin had an old phone.

So after talking to mom decided to add one more phone to our plan and now she thinks she will get rid of her home phone and learn to just use the cell phone. Robin got my "newer" old phone. Mom got a new phone and so did Steve.

This pretty little RED phone is mine. You can't buy just a PHONE anymore. They all have a camera, mine can have music downloaded so I can listen to music and I can access my e-mail??!! and the internet?!! Whats up with that??

There are even fun frames and such to add to your photo's. I turned Robin into a "Pirate" Arrrrgg !!

Oh and in case you were wondering.........
Mona found the note I hid at Northspur for her. Said the scavenger hunt idea was good just wish we had thought of it sooner so could have done more.

Have a couple new pics of Winnie to share..

Now why can't I make the photo's go where I want them too???
Wanted to post them where I was talking about it???


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ok 1st of all YIKES! That photo of Robin totally took me off guard! lol

Ya, getting photos in the spot you want them is a pain in the behind! Wish it was easier.

Valerie said...

Now I think I heard these stories somewhere already...hmmm

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