Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ok, Day two " The Skunk Train"

"All Aboard!"

The train ride was really great and the Historian who has lived in the area for 50 years was so informative.

Check it out

Also look for info online about logging the redwoods in the Pudding Creek area. That is the valley from Fort Bragg to Willits that the train was put in to do logging from. The whole valley has been clear cut twice in 120 years and has grown back , redwoods are some of the fastest growing trees around. Also my sister's husband Dave,s family are one of only 43 families who have cabins in the valley, theirs is at Northspur. The land is leased at 100 years at a time, most all have only been handed down thru families. You may not sell a cabin if no one wants it, it is returned to the railroad at no profit.

Did something fun, Mona and Dave were heading up to the cabin on Sunday so she suggested I leave her a note somewhere at the Northspur train station. I did and then took pictures as clues to send her, she will have to find the note based on the photo's.

Well on a different note, Brooke "tagged" me on her blog. I have to state 8 facts that no one knows about me?? What in the world could anyone who has ever talked to me "NOT" know? I do tend to babble so pretty much in the first 5 minutes you should know EVERYTHING about me. I am going to have to think about this one and will get back to you......

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

how fun to have a photo hunt! Looks like you all had a great mini vacation :)

I look forward to the unknown details about you!!!

Oh and what is with having to do that word verification thing???

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