Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Happy 4th of July"

Here are some pictures from Sunday when I drove up to Howard Prairie with Robin and Carson to see Cory & Jordan. Cory had called Robin to tell her Jordan caught her first fish, and Robin was missing her girl, so we get out of the car expecting Jordan to come running and leap into her mama's arms.......
She took one look at us and burst into tears and said

" I didn't want you to come, it's just me and daddy camping !"
OH.....Robin got over it because it just meant that Jordan was having such a good time, all the family was up there too, so we just stayed about an hour and Jordan asked several times "isn't it time for mommy and Laura to leave?"

It was really beautiful up there.

Today we made our annual trip to Central Point for the 4th of July parade, it is always fun to observe the "COLORFUL" folks....
I enjoy watching the crowd more than the parade.
came home ate hot dogs from the grill. To stinkin' hot out so I retreated in to read and NAP !

Today I am thankful to live in AMERICA !!
God Bless.

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

OUCH! Poor Robin, I don't know that I would have gotten over that so easily. Glad she knew it was because Jordan was enjoying the one on one with Daddy.

Oh her little guy is a doll cookie!

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