Sunday, July 15, 2007

My first "DIGI" layout pages


Ok so I had a "little" help form the computer whiz kid ROBIN.

Alright !!! So he HELPED me a lot !!! Are you happy now ROBIN?

I downloaded another free 30 day Photoshop trial and once I got Robin to help me figure out EVERYTHING I was on my way to this beautiful page.

I know I am suppose to give credits to the designers, but I have downloaded so much stuff, not sure where the lovely background paper came from, black swirl overlay frame from Shandy Vogt. Love her stuff, thanks Brooke for turning me on to her website. Also on Garden girls Sande Krieger, Mary Mary Quite Contrary

OK the day is flying by and I have digi pages to make, gotta go now...

One more, but man is it frustrating since I don't know how to operate Photoshop.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ya, the learning is frusterating for sure, but fun to. Nice to have Robin to help you!

Jessica Sprague is starting another online class in August. She does AMAZING classes,they are for photoshop elements, but I am going to email her and ask if that will help with CS2. The class is like $45 but you get the kits she uses in class as part of the package.

It's all about the page said...

OMG, totally love'n these two LO. Please post them on the NBP site. I will make a digital gallery Heading if so, let me know.

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