Friday, July 27, 2007


Last night took a walk down the road to get a better picture of the sunset, well my faithful pooch came with me. She actually gets her leash and drags it around the house, (HINT HINT) like "Walk Me"....

So down the road we went at full speed, she is really on a mission when she goes walking. You can't really tell by the pictures but she is getting "LONG" long legs, long body, long tail..... you get the picture. Getting better about the biting, well still does it but will stop when you tell her NO enough.

Have to go to work a half day today, we had to reschedule his Tuesday because of a mistake about when he got back fron Hawaii ( not until Tuesday NIGHT !) But having a massage at 4:00 today.

Also bummed because the Karen Russell class for Saturday I was taking got postponed. Oh well a little R&R on Saturday !

Watch for the "MUG~SHOT" in the morning..........


Paquito said...


I absolutely agree with your post's title: Thanks God It's Friday :-)

Nice blog (I found it by hazard) :-))

Kind regards from Spain :-)


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Wow cool, you got a comment from Spain! :)

Minnie Winnie really is getting big, and I have not even gotten to see her yet!

What, her class got postponed!!!! Now this is GOOOOOOODDDDDD news for me!

It's all about the page said...

So am with you on the TGIF, and it is the last one for the month ;}
So now I must get started on my Christmas shopping,for it is less than 6 months away...OMG

One day I will have to come and enjoy the beautiful sunset from your side of the valley.

I have an idea...lets meet at Brook's.

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