Monday, July 23, 2007

My Random Answers to Brooke's Tag....

Fact #1 Laura Ann Davis(always wanted Ann with and "E" on the end)
Born in Eureka, California on April 11, 1958. Youngest daughter of Roger & Phyllis Davis, older Sister Mona Lynn, November 26, 1956.

Fact # 2 We moved every year of grade school until 5th grade( Dad worked in construction)Where we landed in Ukiah California until a year after I graduated from high school, 1977 moved by myself to Central Point , OR.

Fact #3 Because we moved a lot I was VERY SHY !!!! Oh yes I was !!! Would cry the first couple of weeks at a new school, even hid from the bus so I wouldn't have to go to school.

Fact #4 By 7th -8th grade ( Pomolita Junior High) I was becoming more out going, joined 4-H and ran for Student Body Vice President and won !!( My senior year I was nominated for basketball homecoming Queen for the whole Senior Class of 300, but didn't win

Fact #5 Was just an average student because I didn't apply myself, always wondered what I could have accomplished had I tried. Had a school councilor who suggested I look into a trade because I wasn't college material and believed her, hence a Dental Assistant trainee my senior year of high school. Although the dental field has been Very Good to Me !!

Fact #6 Got married to Mike Ashby ( Andy's dad) because I felt guilty because we lived together, and our parents thought it was "WRONG !!!" Kept hoping someone at the wedding would speak up and stop me !!! Was only 21 years old, but thought I would be an old maid if I didn't hurry up and get married. Andy came along a year later and we divorced after less than 5 years of marriage.

Fact #7 Have done so many crafts over the years, couldn't even tell ya.... Sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, quilting, Arts & crafts stuff, Photography, papercrafting, etc.......... and so on and so on

Fact #8 Can't believe it is possible to "LOVE" your children so much , sometime it hurts, even when they are 27 & 16 !!

Fact #9 Got married for a second time at 31 after meeting Steve on a blind date 6 months to the day earlier. Robin came along about 2 years later.

Fact #10 mini facts, Diet Coke w/ lime ( not pepsi) Chocolate Malt Shake, Chocolate candy( not fruit flavors)Never had prescription eye glasses yet( BUT SOON !!) Had braces twice, once at 19( after going to work for a dentist) for 2 years and again (to "UNDO what the first orthodontist did)at 40 for 6 yes "SIX" years. And I still wear my retainers at night. And up until I was 37 never weighted over 140 pounds except while pregnant and each time I gained 50 pounds !!! In fact until I was 33 and got pregnant with Robin I weighted between 125 and 130 !!! AND THOUGHT I WAS FAT !!!!
Now I know better !!!!!

Well how is that, did you learn anything about me you didn't know???


Brooke - in Oregon said...

What I am shocked you don't like raspberry cream chocolate! and I thought we were practically twins! lol

Love all the random facts and wow those photos, can we say FLASH BACK!!

It's all about the page said...

After all this time and I thought I knew you so well...Just a bit more info so that we LOVE you even more...

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