Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 07-07-07 !!!!

I feel "LUCKY" !!

Ok, these are not my coffee mugs (because I haven't recieved my replacement cord for downloading pictures from my camera yet)But I knew you would be looking so I found these on a search and thought they were cute. I am actually drinking my coffee out a cup that was from a set of dishes that Andy got me for Christmas one year while working on The Empress of the North. It is washed yellows with fruit, apple pear and plums.

I am going to buy 7 lottery tickets today !! Just because, a couple mega bucks and a couple powerballs.....

Well I think I'll take a walk out side to see if I can see any of the hot air balloons...

Knew I heard something unusual, there was a balloon right out front above the field across the street. Took some pictures then walked Winnie down the street aways and watched some more.

Hmmmmmm Now that is an interesting comment, how do I delete it???


Rodrigo said...

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Loved the photos of the balloons! What did Minnie Winnie think of them?

YEs those are cute mugs, but I am not quite that cheery 1st thing before I drink my coffee! lol

Umm yes it is a weird comment but at least it does not take you to a porn site! YIKES

The Runyans said...

Weird comment yes indeedy!!! Thinking of you. And it looks like everything is going well, so we will catch up soon. Oh BTW check my blog it has the sex of the baby:-)

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