Monday, June 11, 2007

Actual conversation Robin had....

They sent a copy of the conversation Robin had with the support member, I just copied and pasted it to my blog.

Last night Miss Winnie was banned from my bed when she circled around (I thought) to make a nice comfortable sleeping spot, only to start to piddle. I grabbed her up so fast she didn't know what was happening and wisked her outside. Then to bed in the dog carrier in the laundry room. Robin felt sorry for her and took her to bed with him, until 4:00am. I got her out of the carrier at 5:00am and outside. When I left for work she was outside in her pen/dog house peacefully lying down. Where she was to spend the day until Robin got home from school at 4:00pm

Shortly after Rob got home to the "wild dog" in the pen , so excited that he was home,
a nice police lady officer came to the door to inform us that a complaint had been called in about her "BARKING" all day ??!!!! Robin explained we have a new puppy and after a half day tomarrow of school he will be home with her all summer....

So what have we gotten ourselves into???? I think we better take up that free Puppy Training Class... She is turning into a "TERRIBLE TODDLER !!!!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Well at least it was on your pillow and not your HEAD!! lol

Yep the dog crate is the best place, especially for overnight! :)

Barking, umm aren't beagles known for their constant barking? Hee hee so glad it is you and not ME! I know I am bad!!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks for the Happy Anniversary! :)

Yep Amber and I will be cooking the Hot Dogs both Saturday and Sunday!

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