Friday, June 22, 2007

Saturday Morning "MUG~SHOT"

Well hope this finds you all enjoying your Saturday Morning "Cup O Joe"........

WAIT !!!! It's not SATURDAY !!!! ????

That's right, just relax , it is Friday. But I am going to be in Portland at Andy's tomarrow and didn't want to disapoint my faithful readers awaiting my next "MUG~SHOT"
( Carma & Brooke ) So here it is.

Yes, that is a CURVES mug, I got with my Curves Bucks. Sometimes they have games and you can win these to use for purchasing cool Curves products. YES I do go and work out, just not as much as I should be going............

So like I said, going to Portland today with mom. We are taking the pickup with a couch, coffee table, bike, and assorted STUFF to Andy for his studio apartment. haven't seen it yet, also going to drive out to Damascus to see him at work at the Credit Union. Hes is going to show us his favorite places this weekend. Then back home on Sunday.

SO........ Just read this again tomarrow morning and pretend you never saw it before....


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hey we might see you on the road! We are headed to sweet home today!!

Ya I thought you had lost your marbles :)

Carma said...

Curves...So totally should be going and working out. Been there done that, but I did not get a mug. What does that tell you.

Have fun in Portland ;}

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