Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wendy & Jackie's Big Adventure

Well after work yesterday, I drove out to moms to meet up with the girls... They were still in Central Point so met them there.

They were looking at Crater High School and ran into the FB coach so spent some time talking to him, Jackie's brother plays football and will be a freshman

We headed out to Shady Cove just to show them the river and while out there ate on the patio of Migels Mexican Rest, have to keep our strength up....

Drove back to Eagle Point and looked around, they liked the looks of town and the new grade school... Went by the High School and Jackie wanted to get out and look around Wendy went with her and Mom & I sat in the car.. first person they ran into was the Principal so he took them on a tour and answered all the questions. That Jackie she does her homework, what a sweetie is 21 and up here scouting for her family.

We then drove thru the Golf Course and picked up real estate flyer's.. lots of houses for sale, then across the street from the Golf Clubhouse.. not sure what the neighborhood is called but it was getting dark, loved the looks of it so they are driving back out today to look in the daylight.

I will meet up again after work and check out the East side of Medford... Tomorrow we are going to drive over to Grants Pass to look around and then Drive over to Brookings take a picnic lunch and they will head home down 101 and I will head home , Anne is riding with me tomorrow, (MINI DAY VACATION !!) going to get my ocean fix.

WHEW !!! Saturday is the 10-10 crop at SBK !!!! Will be there !!

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theAudreyFiles said...

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all that running around!

Say hi to the ocean for me!! :) Glad you'll get a mini beach fix, I know it's been past due!

See you Saturday at the big 10-10 crop!! I just got my Christmas Cosmo Cricket QVC set, auto delivery from the set we both bought earlier this year. Did you get the holiday set?! Super fun, I may bring it Saturday...

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