Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dave's been at it again.....

"CISCO DUDE" aka Armando Garcia-Davila

Writing that is.....
My brother in law wrote this story and so kindly changed the "name" to protect the innocent.....

Cisco Dude by Dave M.

We have lovingly been committed to each other longer than I care to think. But I have recently realized my wife has a secret crush on someone. A gourmet cook, landscape contractor, local poet and author, a real renascence man.

Her heart throb’s name is Francisco but I call him Cisco Dude, not Cisco Kid, just Cisco Dude. With puppy dog eyes and a school girl’s giddiness my wife pines for anything Cisco Dude writes. In wide eyed wonderment even a shopping list is a thing to swoon over. No matter what it was it would be met with a breathless “Francisco wrote it.”

For me Cisco Dude is a source of constant ongoing good hearted ribbing and poking fun on my part. As she leaves the house for one of Cisco Dude’s readings with a smile on my face I call out to my wife “Give my love to Francisco.” Although Cisco Dude is not fully aware of my wife’s crush, I fear she could someday become part of a court order.

There is an article and accompanying photo of Cisco Dude that appeared in the local news paper that is permanently sealed in clear plastic and rest prominently in her top drawer, beside her most all the work day long.

She may have a silly goo goo eyed school girl crush but my wife still comes home to me

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Anonymous said...

Uhhh... the writer in me is already hooked! Thanks for sharing...I want to know more about this book. I knew Mona was a writer...but I don't think I knew that hubby was too. Tell me more.

I think all us girls can relate. :)


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