Sunday, August 17, 2008

@ the crop

Vivien's daughter, Cassie was visiting from Santa Rosa and brought the twins... Gracie and Talia, what cutie pies !!

Had a fun time with the gang, where is Diane W? Didn't get a picture of you....

Voting starts tomorrow at Craft Warehouse, Scrapbook Queen Contest, be sure to go to the MEDFORD STORE to place your votes on the local girls....I will post a link to get there, Audrey already has a link on her blog....

4 comments: said...

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Guldfisken said...

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theAudreyFiles said...
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theAudreyFiles said...

Cute photos of the babies and the gang! Wish my pic had a few less chins, lol!

Darn, I see I missed your mom, would have liked to say hi!

See you Monday at the girls' night out, looking forward to it!!

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