Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 12/22/2007

No I am not going to Disneyworld, just wanted a "Holiday" looking mug, hense the RED mug.

Picture of Andy from last year while still on the "Empress of the North" No picture of Robin with cute holiday decorations, he won't go for that......

Guess Andy takes after me and Robin after Steve in that department.

Steve, Rob, Mom & I are going out to dinner tonight at Beazys in Ashland ( mom's treat) then to the Cabaret to see "Plaid Tidings" (my treat)

Hope you all get all your shopping and baking done so you can have a relaxing weekend.....

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Good Morning there GF!! Thank you for the cute ornament and that tag is adorable. Ok so I want to know how you did the sparkly wording on the tag? TO CUTE!

Sounds like you are in for a great evening!! :)

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