Friday, August 24, 2007

"My new RX Glasses"

Ok, so I picked up my new "REAL" glasses yesterday, with progressive lens no less !! I have been using the $Dollar$$tore glasses. Now I really feel grown up. And they are sooooo cute, with a little design on the "arms"?? what do you call the side of your glasses that go around your ears????

Anyway the battery was dead on my camera so plugged it in to charge and took these pictures with my phone. Picture one back at work after picking them up yesterday and today after going in to get my hair colored and having Laurel ( my hair dresser ) say, " well I do think a perm might be a good idea today" We will schedule another appt to do your weave(color) So it wasn't just me who thought my straight limp hair was UGLY !!! Only your hair dresser knows......

PS. I do believe I look like I have a "LAZY" eye?? Whats up with that??? And yes they are taking a while to get used to, feel a bit nauseas with them on, can't turn my head to fast or get all wee waugh !!!


Valerie said...

You crack me up...I am proud of you, all grown up. They look great and it was totally time for the perm!

Carma said...

Great look on you, yes all grown up now. Stay young at heart, please.

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