Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 8-11-07


Actually got to sleep in a little (Winnie has been waking up at 4:45 the last week) UGH !! This morning it was 5:00 am, I took her outside to do her business then we went back upstairs and back to bed. I ignored her and she settled down and we slept until 6:00. Then I said OK lets go get your BREAKFAST. Of course now she is sleeping beside me in the love seat and it is only 6:30 am. That's what she doesn't get..... on week days she can take a nap if she gets up to early, I on the other hand have to go to work !!!

So yesterday had a doctor appointment to check my BP, so I could get a refill on my med. It isn't really high just had that episode back when I was going on the scrapbook cruise. So it is OK still BUT "would be a good idea to EXERCISE and loose some weight" YOU THINK ??? DUH I know I should be doing that......

Then in the afternoon Robin and I had appts at the Eye Doctor. I got to order "REAL" RX glasses this time. No more DOLLAR $$$ Store ones for me. And I needed "Progressive lens" So of course it is all about the fashion statement, tried on about 30 pairs, Robin was getting impatient with me.... But this was a big decision. Finally decided on a pair that I had set in my "not sure" pile but Robin liked so checked them out again and they were the winners, stay tuned to see them in a couple of weeks......

So cute mug, isn't it. Got this one a long time ago. Nephew Dan was up for spring break and I took him down to meet the folks and we met in Corning, CA. About half way for both of us. We ate at the Olive Pit. Thought this was pretty cute.

Ok, so off to start my weekend, have a good one too.......

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Yes that is a CUTE mug! I need to go to the eye dr too but I am still in the 'putting' it off stage! lol

Amber and I have been working out for a while now, down 15 with ummmm 40-45 to go! Crapola! But everything I read says how we need to exercise to strenghten our bones too. Since we are getting to an 'age' :) Bummers DUDE! lol

Leaving tomorrow to head to Philadelphia, sooo looking forward to getting away even if it is mostly business!

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