Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 8-18-07

This is one of the many mugs brought to us for our "MUG" collection??

Well yes it has turned into a collection since everyone keeps bringing us mugs from their travels !

But seriously I am not complaining, I love all the different mugs. And because I drink coffee they are also useful.

Had a busy day yesterday, catching up with some friends, one for lunch and one for coffee !! And got a massage. Going to treat myself once a month !!

Going to meet Vivien at the scrapbook store, NBP and get some projects done, hopefully. Want to make a "lunch Pail" album for Mona's friend Ally who is a survivor of breast cancer and participated in the cancer walk in SF.

Also promised Winnie I would take her for a better get going.

Happy Saturday !!

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