Saturday, August 4, 2007


Good Saturday Morning !

Having my coffee from one of the mugs Steve & Robin brought back from the last trip they took to Disney World.

Well I have a Wedding to go to this afternoon, my niece Angie( well my first husband Mike's sister Barbara's daughter)She is a real sweetie. Just finished nursing school. Will have to post some pictures. Andy was going to come down but just to much driving for a weekend.

I went out and visited Norma yesterday, she is doing ok. We both agree that Mert's sudden illness was a blessing as he did not suffer with it for a long time. But boy is he missed.

Going to try and get a couple of scrapbook page challenges done this weekend. A new scrapjacked and the NBP monthly page, we will see........

Hope you have a good one.


Don't try to define everything. said...

haha coffee mon pere tried to give that up for a week -no way!! im going to a wedding too!! i like ur blog and ur dog is cute!! :]

check out my blog :]

Brooke - in Oregon said...

See ya in 30-60 minutes!!

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