Friday, August 31, 2007

Just some {PRETTY} pictures

Last night the office staff went to eat at Shoji's for Ashlee's 25th birthday. We brought our "others". The new "GUY" in Ashlee's life who we have been hearing so much about is {TREE} yes that is his name, "Well you might be able to tell by my name, that my parents are HIPPIES" Quote by TREE. And if I do say so myself, are these two not the most beautiful people ever !!! (HUBBA HUBBA) Oh sorry Ashlee ! But Tree is mucho HOTTIE !!

Ok aside from that the weather has been "HOT ~ HOT ~ HOT" too.
But the stormy weather has made for some beautiful skys.

And.......... Got the tickets for the DUCKS game in Eugene tomarrow,
4 of them. So Andy is meeting us there and we will watch the game then drive home because Mona & Dave are going to be in town for the weekend. Sunday we rented a raft and are all going rafting on the Rogue..... FUN FUN FUN.

On a different note, Steve and Robin thought it would be a good idea to give Winnie a bath yesterday outside because all the HOT weather. After all remember how much fun she had catching the ball in the little pool I bought her??? Well she was none to happy about them using the hose on her and was quite TRAUMATIZED by the whole ordeal getting away and hiding under the steps to the back yard ( I didn't even know anything coulld get under those steps????) And staying there for about an hour !!!! MY poor BABY !!!

Will get a quick MUG~SHOT off before we leave town in the morning so until later.......


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Beautiful Sunset photos, man we have some of the best ones around don't we!! :)

Yes, Tree is a cutie and so is Ashlee. They make a totally cute pair.

Have fun at the game!

The Talker said...

Nice photos.Have one like the sunset shown. Used to live in Medford Wisconsin. Cherish those snaps, as time really slips away fast.

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