Monday, June 9, 2008

Robin & Rex @ Roosevelt School

wanted some pictures of Roosevelt School before they tear it down

Robin & Rex met up at the playground when they were 3 years old

Andy attended k-6

we moved befor Robin started school, Rex and his brother Charlie still live on Queen Anne and went thru school at Roosevelt

hate to see the old girl torn down....

PS Rex brought his violin over after and he and Robin practiced their duet piece for the talent show at Boys State next week

It gave me goose bumps it is so hauntingly beautiful !!!


Audrey said...

Oh, very cool! I am amazed and impressed that you got the teens to cooperate for that photo shoot, lol! And you got some incredible shots!

Kristi said...

Everytime I see your pics, it makes me want to go and buy a Rebel. Love them!

lashell said... are a great sad to see such a beautiful school torn down it is a landmark in Medford.

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