Thursday, June 19, 2008

Full Moon

Wanted to see the full moon last night and because we are up against the hills decided to drive towards town to look for it, well ended up by Costo only to discover it was to the south of my house and all I would have had to do was drive a mile or so up Hillcrest. Thanks to Ashlee for texting me when she saw it up on the horizion from her house on Table rock rd.

Of course didn't know what I was doing photographing it, no telephoto lens either but got some interesting shots.

Funny story from the Landers household, I sent a text to a few reminding them to check it out so Robin calls me to inform me they all run out to see the full moon only it is not there, not up yet so confused the poor kiddos, told robin to just "MOON" them and be done with it....

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