Monday, June 30, 2008


Ok, so I updated my blog on Saturday , told Robin about it, she almost missed her appt to check out a new daycare for fall due to updating her blog.....

Got a call from Janie just awhile ago to inform me to "Check out her new updated blog"..... her husband Pete says " The Blog Wars have Begun !"

I am going to have to search high and low to stay one step ahead of the girls !!!

When I started my blog they were in awe, thinking I had some sort of wonderful skills on the pc......

I didn't want them to know how easy it all was, my secret is now OUT ! Now everyone has tunes and "Blinkies"

OK girls this is WAR !

Also just a note, check out Kristi's blog ,Beautiful Baby Sage is front and center !!


Kristi said... are so sweet. I'm going to update from our vacation either tonight or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very nice lookin' stuff you gots goin' on, Girl!!! You are ALL that! And if you haven't already noticed...I am actually way "behind the times" and I don't have a blog. Yet. (wink, wink)

Love ya,

Audrey said...

LOL Laura! It's not a war - you're the trail blazer and we're all just tryin' to follow in your footsteps! As far as I'm concerned you're the Blog Queen! :)

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