Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to you.......

Happy Birthday to you........

Happy Birthday Dear Andy.......

Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!

Can't believe this same boy is today a 28 year old man !

Love You Andy :)

Leaving today after work to head to my sisters for the weekend, will be home on Monday. Mom is going with me. We are going with Mona to her writers group, meeting Jana and her mom Saturday in Napa to take the wine train lunch tour, and Sunday going to tour a lavender farm in Petaluma, meeting up with a friend I went to school with, Nancy M. And no trip down to California is complete without stopping to see our dear friends Norma & Morgan in Ukiah.

Unfortunaty hundreds of lightening fires were started last weekend in Mendocino County so VERY VERY smokey, hope it clears in the next few days

UPDATE !!!! Postponing trip due to fire and smoke !!!!


Audrey said...

Oh, bummer about your trip getting postponed! But that's no fun to be in the smoke.

And that is an adorable picture of you and Andy! Happy Birthday to your 28 year old!!

Robin said...

I can't believe he is 28 years old..... What an wonderful man he has grown up to be!

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