Saturday, March 15, 2008


36 "Mug~Shot" Saturdays, the first one was posted on 6/9/07 and wasn't called "Mug~Shot" Carma came up with that name, THANKS CARMA!

We have 130 mugs available for drinking out of, that doesn't count the ones being used to hold pens, pencils, paintbrushes,tooth brushes, etc..........

So lets see who posted a guess and who is the closest.....

Hayden guessed I have 119 mugs
Janie guessed 80(no)93(no) "128" and 6/7/07 as first "Mug~Shot" post
Brooke guessed 36 "Mug~Shot" post (you did your homework)
Did I miss anyone?????

YOU are all "WINNERS" in my book !!!! Will get a little something out to ya!!!
Hayden need your address....

You can find me at NBP today from 10am-10pm scrappin.......

PS Anita, yes that does mean we will be singing!!!!

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hayden said...

i won!!!

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