Sunday, March 9, 2008


I took 499 pictures at Audrey's birthday party !

Kristi guessed 349
Janie guessed 525
Brooke guessed 480

Well just for playing along I will give you all a little treat next time I see you.

Robin went to a birthday party that was "80's Theme" ( the 80's is a Theme now??)

We almost had it, didn't think to have him turn up the polo collar until in the car on the way there...... Didn't have a PINK polo..... and he wouldn't let me touch his hair, a mullett would have been perfect...... wore the shades over his real glasses.....
Robin said his friend TJ wore "short" lime green shorts , a Tshirt with the bottom half cut off, exposing his midrift, a vest over that and green vans...... He is so edgie.... Robin took the "SAFE" route.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the 80's so excepting it as a theme is hard. Though, I will have to post a picture of the 80's bunco that we had. I totally have rockin 80's hair. I can't believe you took so many pics. Thank goodness for digital!--- Sheila

Anonymous said...

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