Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"You can't be to careful"

So I had a surprise trip to the ER yesterday. About 8:30 in the morning I got a VERY SHARP pain in between my shoulder blades and up my neck, even my arm hurt(you can see where this is going...) So bad it hurt to take a breath. I asked Debbie if she thought this was something serious(even got online and checked out Heart Attack) I did have a lot of the symptoms. Dr Leong said I best get to the ER and have it checked out. Debbie drove me over to Rogue Valley and I was put into a room asked to put the "gown" on and hooked up to a heart monitor. Blood was drawn and I was starting to feel better. It was probably gas from that damn bean soup I made. But nooooooooo. The doctor said they would need to keep me OVERNIGHT. YIKES !!! I was admitted to the hospital. Debbie did call Steve so he came on over. Told him there wasn't anything he could do so might as well go back to work. The first blood work came back fine. I guess when you are having a heart attack you release ensigms into the blood.? So you have to have blood work done 3 times at 4 hours apart. That meant I would have to be there until 7PM at least !!!!
CRAP by the time I got settled into a room it was after 1:00PM. So there I sit with nothing to do for the next several hours. Steve came back up and I sent him back to work. Decided not to call my mom( that was a mistake) At 3:00 had another blood draw and was asked if I was hungry (DUH) got to order something to eat. 5:00 good news blood work all OK again. Dr Leong stopped by to make sure I was ok. Such a nice guy ! Doctor who I saw earlier in the day said if all the blood work comes back ok I can go home around 9:00pm. Getting really tired of sitting in the bed and having needles poked in my arms, they have a hard time finding a vein on me. 7:00 blood draw, two needle pokes this time. 8:00 I get the OK, I can get ready to go home. call Steve and they start taking off some of the 20 so tapes and monitors. Get a RX for an antacid !!!! And an appointment to come back in a week and take a stress test. Have to go by my office to get the car and then home by a little after 9:00pm. While Steve is picking me up MOM calls the house and Robin tells her where I am !!!!!!! BIG TROUBLE MOM said don't ever keep something like that from her again !!! Sorry Mom. If there had been something to tell I would have. SOOOOOOOO that was my day yesterday.
Feeling fine and back to work today.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh Crap Laura!! What a scare, Good Golly!!! So glad all is well, hey you are WAY TO YOUNG to have anything weird happen :)

Man, wouldn't they let you have your laptop! lol At least that way you could have occupied your time.

I can ONLY IMAGINE how ticked your Mom was and what in the heck was Robin thinking! lol

Just glad all is well with you (hug)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! You actually have a little smile on your face?????
What a scare but I bet it was gas! Isn't gas a wonderful thing, makes you feel like you're having a heart attack!!!!
So glad you're better. See you Friday?

Kristi said...

Laura, you know that I am a cardiac nurse right? If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you. See you this weekend!


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