Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fish Lake Resort

This ones for you , Mona.

In 1975 a fishing trip mom and dad took to Oregon (we lived in Ukiah, CA)turned into a love affair with Fish Lake for them. They managed to get jobs that started in April 1976, my senior year of high school. So the day after my 18th birthday my parents moved to Oregon. I finished school, living on my own and working for Dr Barrington my first dental assistant job. That summer I moved in with Mona who was working at a bank.

Well back to mom & dad. They spent three years working with the new owners, Toni & Terry. And loved every minute of it. As you may have guessed I moved to Oregon a year and a half later.

We all have many wonderful memories of days spent at Fish lake over a 30 year time period.

Mom and I had a wonderful Cheese Burger for lunch on Saturday and remembered all those good times......

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Valerie... said...

Yee Haw... Fun time, and so glad to know that you are okay!!!

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