Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just want to thank all of you for your concern and kind words. I feel fine and have had no other symptoms. All the blood work ups came back negative, so not sure what was going on.

Get to attend a "COLLECTIONS" workshop at Red Lion today for work, yippie.

Looking forward to a fun scrapbooking weekend, Kristi, I didn't know you were a cardiac nurse! Feel good that you will be there to keep an eye on me !!Ha ha.

Brooke and Amber have a safe trip to eastern Oregon........

Hope you all have a great day !

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ummm sounds like a 'fun' day???? Oh well maybe they will have a really good lunch for you!

Keep the 1st weekend in December open cause I am scheming! lol

Looking forward to photos of your scrapping weekend cause I know you won't let me down!

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