Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"What do you mean , NO INTERNET SERVICE?"

Well now, after all my loyal readers ( Brooke) have been waiting in suspense all night, I didn't have no stinkin service??
I did wake up with the camera snappin and photo journaled my SPECIAL day. Now this old broad is just to tired to get it all down, so will have to keep you in suspence a while longer..........
I did get a picture of the Dutch Bros folks who gave me my free birthday drink and sang Happy Birthday

Also want to thank all of you for the special birthday wishes !!!

Ok now I am off for my BEAUTY sleep . I sure need it now that I am 49 !!!
Keep an eye on this blog for more pictures to come......

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Yikes don't ya just feel lost without internet!! How funny are we. That is the Dutch Brothers that Amber goes to all the time. Really like the guy, he just cracks me up. Next time ask him about the cigar convention. lol We stopped to get coffee on our way up to the CKC in portland and had a chat with him, he said he totally understood how excited we were to go, just different strokes for different folks.

Yep, that is me a Loyal Laura Loonie :) that is all I could think of that started with L :)

We are in Bandon this morning, how funny is that. Ok I think I wrote a book this morning - Later Girl

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