Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am going to learn how....

What could a 49 year old not know what to do, you ask yourself ????
Well besides a lot of "SCARY, RISKY, FOOLISH" things, I want to learn how to Scrapbook Digitally !!!!

Ok, I know some of you who have seen my "SCRAPBOOK" STUFF (YIKES) I have lots of STUFF, wonder now why would she want to do something like Digi when she has a BOATLOAD of paper, embellishments, ribbons etc, etc, etc....

We I am not going to give up paper creating , just going to add the digital aspect to my list of hobies.

I am so inspired by my friend Brooke, yes you Brooke, she has been doing some awsome stuff lately. Check her out at her blog, MY Robin has taught himself to use photoshop and makes some really cool things, so now it is my turn.

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh no I think I am corrupting you! lol

You know I have a batch of Paper stuff too and I will always want to play with that stuff too. but I gotta tell ya, Digi is totally addicting :)

Hey we are the same age so if I can learn it you sure as Hell can! hee hee

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