Monday, April 30, 2007

"Is it Feng Shui ?"

A Red Door !!

These pictures don't really show the true color, but sun was down off it by the time Steve finished putting on the hardware. Of course the new handle and lock didn't "Exactly" match up to the old holes????? Why is that????? So it took some extra work and a few {COLORFUL} words !! to get it to all line up. But we are secure and can close and lock up the house again. Looking at adding a matching kick plate. Not sure what to do about my wreaths, for those who know me I always have one to go with the seasons, made by yours truly. Have to rethink on a red door.
Well very happy with the results, none the less.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

I LOVE IT.......LOVE it I tell ya!

It totally rocks :)

Spices up the house, Feng Shui I have no idea but I do know it is awesome!!

The Runyans said...

I love it too Laura. I was thinking of a red door at our new house. I posted a pic on my blog. I hope all is well.

Miss ya,

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