Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Good Weekend !!

Started off meeting Becky and two of her boys, Connor & Braden at the Roadhouse, had a yummy salad, the pay off was a donation to MDA from Beck. Thanks, ( Just have until May 4th til I turn in the donations) In fact get a coffee at Dutch Bros on the 4th and they make a donation to MDA too.

Then picked up mom and off to buy a few more flowers for my patio pots. See photo !

Robin was at the Tennis tournament at North all day Friday and Saturday ,we went down and bought a hot dog (the fund raiser food booth)and watched some of the final doubles match.

Steve is painting the door (yes, deep red !!!) pictures to come later) and we are putting new hardware on it. That west facing black door "COOKED" the door handles, in 11 years this will be the 4th set.

Today bought a new coffee maker, ours bit it about a week ago, had a loaner from mom, thank goodness. And I never buy music cd's but had to have it, Corrine Bailey Rae. Love the song "Put your record on"

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather , at least around here it was.

PS let Robin drive me to Albertsons, first time driving outside the subdivision !!!! Whewwwwww

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

YIKES I was so glad when my kids got past the learner driver stage! Whew that is hard on the parents. lol

So I will have to hear this new CD when we come over, I never by music for myself either.

You had a busy weekend didn't ya

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