Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still a snow day

Yes we are stranded, because I didn't move my car down the driveway last night, a mere 65 feet of slickery snot like slush stands between us and the road which is passable. Previous experience prevents me from trying ,after all remember when Andy's car ended up across the street wedged in the creekbed between a couple of trees !! And that was in the summer, I also did a 180 from the driveway on a snow day and planted the car in the middle of Steve's pride and joy, "the Lawn". No I have learned my lesson.
It is much more dramatic here too. Robin is catching up on some piano practice so he is playing "Prelude in C# Minor" by Rachmoninoff (sp?)
Well as you can see I am not cleaning house like I should be, OHHHH It is 1:00 time for "Days of Our Lives" Better go !! Hey, what's with that CHOCLATE, I was saving that for an emergency !! It must be my "Evil" twin broke into my secret stash.....

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