Saturday, February 24, 2007

North Medford Theater Presents....

We went and watched Robin in his first play. He is a Theban Soldier. If you are familiar with "Greek Tragedy's" that is what the play was. I am not , it was entertaining, a modern take on the story. I was told by Steve that I should not be taking pictures during the play so didn't, BUT there was an unnamed mother that was in the front row and she took several of her daughter..... I would have had several opportunities to get a very good shot of Rob holding his Uzi rifle. So had to settle for afterwards with a couple with his friends. He has another performance tonight.
Yesterday the bad weather was gone so it was back to normal, now today there is going to be another cold storm front moving in. Maybe more snow too. Well big plans to clean my scrapbook room today and Steve is going to change the entry way light fixture(the one I broke about five years ago while dusting 18 feet up !!!???) Don't ask, most of you already know the story. Then this afternoon Robin (Landers) and I are getting facials at the beauty school, just because we can .
Well have a good day.
Hi to Mona & Andy !!!
Guess I better identify Robs theater mates TJ Todd , Jacob Schatz and Ashley Mix

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