Monday, February 26, 2007

Had a good weekend

Busy weekend, Steve got the new entryway light fixture up (made his own scaffolding to get 18feet up... I cleaned up my scrapbook room!!!!! Even made a page !!!! Went on Saturday with Robin Landers to get a facial at the Beauty College, great value only $22 and a one hour treatment. Give those girls a try.
On another note , took Robin out to practice driving in our neighborhood. Had a differet approach this time . Practices making right & left turns from different roads and went to the church parkinglot to practice parking. I was much calmer this time and he did a much better job, no screeching from me this time ! Let me ask you how do kids do so many things at the same time? Robin listening to music, and playing a game on his Wii at the same time ??

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