Tuesday, September 30, 2008


How can we not think that had we not all met at No Bare Pages, we would not have made these life long friendships....

There is a group of us "girls" that will take these friendships with us for many years to come and we owe it all the the opening of NBP . Valerie and Carma we thank you for taking on that endeavor making it possible for us to all cross paths.....

Valerie the scrapbook community is weeping for your loss today.

And our hearts are breaking for Lindsey.

I am thankfull to have my dear sweet mother in my life and want to wish her a Happy Birthday, I know she is hurting for me and my loss today. Love you mom !!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

That is SOOOO TRUE! Friendships that will last as we get old and gray (ok never gray thanks to my hairdresser)

I remember the 1st time I popped my head into NBP, before they even opened. Little did I know how much that store along with Carma and Valerie would affect my life. Enriching it so much by creating a wonderful community and bringing such good friends together, I will forever be grateful.

Give your Mom a hug for me, she is such a cutie. Tell her Happy Birthday for me too.

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday, dear Phyllis, with much love.

And yes, that's what I said to Valerie and Carma when the store closed: that the enduring legacy of No Bare Pages is the incredible network of friendships that formed within those four walls.

I am forever grateful to Valerie and Carma not only for their friendship, but because of all the friendships they brought into my life.

Robin said...

I have met so many wonderful people through the store and am always thankful that Valerie and Carma made the store such a awesome place just to come hang out (since that is what I did!)

Happy birthday Gram.....Hope you have a great birthday!

Kristi said...

Laura, you could not have said it better. I cherish the friendships that Valerie & Carma helped us create. She will be so greatly missed.

LauraC said...

Valerie and Carma have both been a blessing in my life, a friendship that is and will be cherished. It was great to get to work with her- Hang in there Laura, time and God's open arms heals chipped hearts.
shared sorrow, Laura Cook

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