Sunday, July 6, 2008

Whirlwind weekend


Had a great but busy weekend. decided to skip the 4th of July parade in CP this year, just stayed home and got ready for the BBQ. Had some out of town quest come in from Ukiah. My friend from junior high and high school, her name was LAURA DAVIS as was mine... Well her little sister Wendy, husband Brian and daughter Sophy were in town looking to relocate to southern Oregon. So they came over for the BBQ. I haven't seen Wendy since she was a kid. My mom and her mom are friends so they have seen each other over the years and mom invited them to stay at her place in J'ville while they were here. Since they really didn't even know where to start looking for houses, I said I would give them the tour of the valley. So on Saturday morning we took off looking at houses and neighborhoods. Spent the whole day checking stuff out. Took a break for the girls, Sophy's friend Jessica was with them, and stopped at the water park off Stewart Ave so they could cool off. Today they had an appointment to look at a house in Jacksonville, so I drove out to go with them, very cute near the little park. The girls decided to cool off one more time there. At 1:00 I headed home to get things ready for my week ahead and they had appointment to see two more houses in J'ville. We had a great time, hope they find what they are looking for and relocate up here soon.

On the 4th several of Robin's friends came over and we shot off our fireworks. Brett & Belle were here and Robin & Carson , Kristi & Sage came by for awhile( Loved the potato salad !!) Over all a great weekend !! Hope yours was too.

Oh yeah almost forgot , we also had the snowcone maker !!!!

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Audrey said...

That's what my weekend felt like, too, just go go go! It was super fun, though!

We got a snocone maker too, my son thinks it's the greatest invention since the wheel! lol!

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