Monday, July 21, 2008

"Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner"

Went to Ashland yesterday afternoon to watch this play with Mom, Janie & Anita (Thanks again Janie for great deal on tickets) It was really cute had a very interesting "TWIST" in the second half........

Did you see that RED sun last night?? I ran out to take a couple pictures and darn if my camera battery wasn't dead??? Could have been from the 100 pictures I took the night before of the sunset.... So off I go to grab my backup camera and "What the ???" dead battery in it too !!!!!!!

Moral of the story, " Always make sure you have a charged battery for your camera, you never know when the MONEY shot will turn up"

Have a good day.

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh major BUMMERS! Dead batteries totally tick me off. That may be why I have 3 for my camera. LOL overkill maybe but at least I always have one ready to go. Crazy Crazy red sunset last night. This smoke can not be good to be breathing for this long. On the news last night they said the wind might be shifting to send MORE SMOKE TO THE NORTH! CRAPOLA

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