Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Mug~Shot" 5/10/08

Had lunch yesterday with Becky G and little Braden...

Got a belated birthday gift, "Tower of Treats" oh YEAH !! and this cute mug.

Thanks Beck.

PS Thanks for pointing out I had the wrong date(6-10-08) I fixed it !!


Robin said...

Love the mug...your birthday just keeps going..

Robin said...

did you notice the date on yur mug shot?

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ok, 1st while if it were June things would be much calmer here, I am not ready to loose a Month of beautiful weather! lol (date 6/10/08 on your post) :)

Happy Mother's day my friend! thought I had best pop in so you know I am a-ok :)

Crazy wild day at the sale yesterday, but it was all good. Still running today so if you need baskets or planters now is the time!

I am ready for a play-day VERY SOON

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