Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Again, no way to post pictures???

I guess it is something wrong with my computer, seems to be blocking me from posting any pictures. Don't know why , it seems to be random.

I needed to make a birthday card last night for Lori at work and was going to whip up a five minute card, next thing I knew an hour had gone by and I had made the most beautiful card... used stuff from the QVC Cosmo Cricket "TSV" lots of the punch out flowers.... pretty will post a picture of it when I can.

Doc back form a trip back east to a nascar race so going to be "BUSY" next two days.

Tomorrow is my baby ROBIN'S 17th birthday......... Sent his picture to ch 12 am news for the birthday greeting at about 7:50 am watch if you are up ( hope I sent it in time to actually get it on, suppose to be 10 days, I sent it by e-mail yesterday....

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