Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Those "BOYS" of mine

Well now , Andy could have been on this Ship when it ran aground !!! The Empress of the North was where Andy spent the last three seasons ( well not counting the 5 months on Pride of Hawaii) I hope the ship is not out of commission for very long. That 12 day trip mom and I took on her was wonderful.

And tonight I got just a little chocked up when the class of 2007 awarded their Torch Honor members their white tassels.
Then Robin was inducted with 60 other Sophmores and Juniors. When you stop to think that the Sophmore class has about 500 students, I am quite proud of my boy !!!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

YEAH ROBIN!! That is so cool! you have a right to be proud :)

YIKES I can only imagine how freaked out you would have been if Andy was on that ship, I know I would be!

Saturday is getting closer!!

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