Monday, May 21, 2007

A couple "design" ideas

Hi Carma,
You may want to read back a couple of post......

Go figure, where do I end up getting some ideas for {Shhhh, body art} well scrapbook stuff of course. Apparently no one thought the Smily face flower w braces(??) was a good idea.

Had a fun time Saturday Scrappin and Amber gave a Body Shop facial to us girls.

Well the big weekend is coming up, just hope I don't let the cat out of the bag, that Dan is going to be here, {another part of the secret}from mom. She doesn't have internet so I can write this here.

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ya well those are so much better than the smiley face with braces! lol

Sorry you are draggin today, I am still right there with ya :)

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