Monday, November 3, 2008

" I'm BACK "

Did you miss me???????

Got in late last night, am back to work this morning, must say really glad to be back HOME !!!!!

Will post soon all the details of the trip to Disney World !!!

Have a good day.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOO HOO your HOME! Glad you had fun but yes you were MISSED :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, OF COURSE we missed you!


:) Marna

Anita said...

I guess there's only one thing left to say. Welcome home, Laura Plunk. Welcome home. (I stole that from Ty Pennington.)

Missed ya girly-girl!!!!


Audrey said...

YAY!!!! Welcome home, Laura, I missed both you and your blog! :) Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about Disney World!

Janie said...

Okay, you are not allowed to leave for that long again!!!! Of course, I missed you. Gave the Hedda tickets to Audrey instead! Glad you're back, hope you're feet are better!

babaveve said...

Laura so happy that you are home, missed you at Dr' Leong's was there alot while you were gone. Hope to see you soon. Viv

Kristi said...

I missed you and your blog Soooooo much.

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